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Published: 25th March 2011
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Section 2 affect the safety of radio and television satellite transmission of the main problems and basic response

  From the last section describes the visible, radio and television satellite transmission system is an open wireless remote sites across the transmission mode, the uplink station

Working state, the ground state of the satellite space environment, the working status of satellite and ground station received the work of a single state have a direct impact on radio and television satellite transmission of results; one uplink station to the satellite uplink station the space environment and satellite state of exception on the radio and television program transmission is produced by the impact of surface should be given more attention.

1. Uplink station, the main factors affecting satellite transmission and ways to overcome

Uplink station is a surface anomaly produced by the impact, therefore the security of broadcast uplink station is broadcasting satellite transmission of the basic guarantees of. Affect the safety broadcast uplink station main factors:

(1) human error Including operational errors, responsibility is not in place, not to detect different states and actions to save the business, but the treatment caused no hard

When or treatment is not timely, maintenance and overhaul is not in place resulting from equipment failure.

Can eliminate human errors, the approach is a sound management system, a comprehensive and detailed fault plan, abide by regulations for the work

Meticulous work style and sense of responsibility.

Especially the interference of the current madness of Falun Gong, the security of broadcast satellite transmission must be meticulous. Handling emergencies

Principle is effective against interference, reducing the impact of reduced inactive. Around the principle that the key to find a solution to the problem:

Emphasis convergence: in dealing with emergencies, standby devices, standby systems, seamless integration between departments, is reduced

Little impact. Convergence process should be scientific and precise, convergence means to improve the convergence is obliged to explicitly require higher management to strict examination to be precise, accurate docking can reach to minimize the impact, reducing bad stop broadcasting purposes.

Emphasis reaction: in dealing with emergencies, respond quickly to deal with decisively, is the key to avoid major accidents. Fast response is built

Stand in the strong sense of responsibility, based on half-hearted duty often can not discover the problem. Deal decisively is built based on the strong business foundation, business unskilled, technical, but hard often delay processing time. Therefore, the first-line Attendant's political and professional qualities to a large extent determines the size and impact of inactive time.

Emphasis Methods: In dealing with emergencies, clear procedures, simple steps, concise and password to gain time

Key. We must follow in their daily work to minimize the impact of the principle of shortening off the air, good at summing up, good accumulation of incidents off the air by improving the maintenance of every process, to develop accurate, simple, effective, and practical operation of emergency plans and cards through the scientific method to effectively resist the interference, reduce impact, reduce the inactive purposes.

(2) equipment failure Single equipment failure is inevitable, but can backup strategy, rapid breakdown maintenance to avoid or reduce their manufacturing

Into the transmission quality of transmission interruptions or down.

Up as a point opposite the station as a core part of satellite transmission, in order to ensure uninterrupted and high quality transmission, need to have the necessary

Online redundant system configuration, fault situations standby switch uplink equipment to restore or prevent the timely and effective means of transmission anomaly.

Equipment failure depends mainly on the rapid restoration of normal operations strictly in-depth training and exercises and other measures of fault maintenance personnel to improve the quality of the business to quickly restore equipment or system failures to achieve goals.

(3) electromagnetic interference Mainly by electromagnetic detection, frequency coordination and the electromagnetic shielding means to solve the problem.

Common electromagnetic interference to AM interference, short-wave interference, jamming cell phone base stations, radar interference, electromagnetic interference generated by electric welding machine, microwave interference. AM interference mainly affects the earth station baseband systems and power systems, the main measures to overcome the well system or room shielding and shield grounding; short-wave interference mainly affects the high-speed digital baseband systems and L-band narrow-band transmission line, for the use of L ODU-band earth station, as the kind of equipment normally required by the indoor unit, an L-band feed the local oscillator signal, single-frequency local oscillator signal is often short-wave interference due to the upstream system into the strong noise, seriously affect the SNR index , more effective measures are shielded room and the feeder shield, or semi-steel (copper shielded) cable; radar-jamming performance for the multi-satellite C-band downlink signals (4GHz) interference, due to such interference into the signal directly from the receiving antenna satellite transmission systems, earth station or satellite Receiving general can not be overcome only by SRRC frequency coordination to solve, if the earth station or satellite Receiving far away from interference and there is a certain angle can be increased through the appropriate receiving aperture resolution; welding work will produce high-frequency electromagnetic arc, will close when the L-band satellite signals interfere with the normal transmission welding generally should avoid close work in the satellite reception area; c-band satellite signal is may be subject to interference from terrestrial microwave signals, but the real general because of SRRC uplink stations and microwave channels have good planning, so this little place.

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