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Published: 28th March 2011
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Visited Beijing Wangfujing Street, people will find the original Li Ning Store has been "Changing Faces", China has been strongly highlighted with red. In fact, the end of 2005 Li Ning's vision, mission and values have been adjusted to determine the "internationalization" Marketing Strategic purpose, consequent, the terminal also began marketing a "fade." A long history and experience compared to mature TNC , IMG, Mr. Gebo Jiang China criticized the president said: "Chinese companies do Sports Marketing Always lack of purpose, do not understand what they have to. "Li Ning executives confess:" Brand The molding is a process orientation. "And through sustained efforts," Li Ning "seems more and more mature.

"2005 C CT My favorite V Chinese brand "Selected activities," Li Ning "as the only sports brand selected, and in 2004," Li Ning "also" The Wall Street Journal, "accused the positioning is not clear, look," Li Ning "The change seems to happen overnight, does not.

Professional or leisure? Most of the Chinese sports product companies to face such problems. It is undeniable that the way to go casual in the beginning to enter the market when the threshold to be much lower, but the market is not easy "mainstream." At first, China's consumers are feeling, "Li Ning" product seems to be somewhat ambiguous. Since 2002, Li Ning, the company began to clear their own development strategies?? Professional, and follow the sports product into basketball, running, soccer, tennis, fitness, and other professional projects.

Under the guidance of a clear position, "Li Ning" products continue to enhance the professionalism. According to the Chinese University of Hong Kong Test Data show that Li Ning's professional products in the key indicators have been comparable with international brands in fashion design is becoming more and more. At the same time, "Li Ning" a marketing strategy the orderly conduct of the: sponsor foreign sports teams, cooperation with the NBA and so on.

Li Ning, head of the company, said: "Li Ning in recent years from the perspective of the development, clear and professional clear strategic direction and brand positioning, marketing campaigns for professional sponsorship and integrated marketing, is the brand Li Ning key factor in the rapid development. "

Majority of Chinese sports brands and international brands in the local market Competition , The face had to do "international" and "Li Ning" company admits this: "The current international brand Li Ning is more important is to strengthen the brand in the local market. In 2006? We will further enhance the Brand's international image? one of the most important thing is to get more and better foreign sports marketing resources? and effectively in the domestic marketing. "

Although the "Li Ning" have signed a football player Li Tie, Zhao Junzhe, Ji Mingyi and other Chinese top players, but also Gao Lin and many other National Youth Team of the main players. But the impression of "Li Ning" or in sports marketing, mainly to play basketball, with the international brand strategy and launch a formal clear, "Li Ning" sports marketing strategy will also gradually diversified. 2006 World Cup will be the fans of the carnival, football sports atmosphere, "Li Ning" will also enhance the project's influence in football.

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