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Published: 28th March 2011
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Exhibition industry as a new service industry is a sunrise industry 2l century, has great potential for development. It is driven textile and clothing, accommodation, catering, communications, tourism, shopping and other related industries, at present, China's exhibition industry has reached more than 100 million employees.

  With China's accession to WTO, particularly China and Hong Kong and Macao CEPA implementation arrangements, foreign countries are increasingly optimistic about China's exhibition industry, the cooperation of Chinese and foreign exhibition companies present multi-level, all-round situation. United States, Germany, the UK exhibition industry developed a number of well-known companies are looking for cooperation projects with China, or cooperation to establish enterprises, or co-organized exhibition, in various forms. Also opening up further, not only bring new capital and investment, more importantly, bring new business methods and business philosophy, will further promote the better development of exhibition industry.

Overall, the historical development of exhibition industry is still relatively short, still in the early stage of development, at the time to explore and gain experience, there still exist some problems can not be ignored, mainly the following aspects:

"Small, scattered, irregular" are quite prominent, and the lack of quantity and quality of exhibition brand exhibition industry is a significant industry economies of scale, that is when a show reaches a certain size, the ratio of earnings to increase to factors of production inputs is greater than the ratio of the exhibition, therefore, the development of exhibition industry, with particular attention to brand awareness and create some more as Canton Fair, so there are economies of scale and CHITEC international influence of the fine.

Various exhibitions held in China last year over 2500, industry output value of around 7 billion yuan, accounting for about 0.07% of our GDP, the average value of 2.8 million yuan / a; the total number of exhibitions in Germany 300 up and down to form the output value of the scale of 1% of GDP in Germany, the average value of nearly 10 million euros / month. Exhibitions and exhibition companies in China several times, even several times in international exhibitions power output of the whole show a fraction of the size less than others, although not simple comparison of different national conditions, but at least this set of data can be seen China's exhibition industry gap in this area is quite large.

Example, the vast amount of our group of exhibitors, there are many large and small exhibitions, but many of the scale of the exhibition at the 10,000 square meters are the following. Excessive competition caused many companies and institutions have placed most of the money and energy development and pull the pull things exhibitors, and attend to the organization of the exhibition visitors and exhibitors of services, resulting in the recent exhibition.

Hall building heating and group exhibitors, business development structures lag co-exist, practitioners need to be improved quality of

Present an exhibition venues in the construction boom, but the layout, the structure is not very reasonable, there is the phenomenon of low-level redundant construction. Some parts of the construction of exhibition venues did not seriously consider market demand, did not seriously consider whether the law of development of exhibition industry, more embodies the will of local governments, rather than a meet the developmental needs of the market. This reflects the current presence on the exhibition industry Misunderstanding, thinking that with more high-profile large-scale exhibition venues, you can set up high-quality exhibition, the exhibition will be able to develop the local economy and promote other aspects of development. In fact, the stadium itself is only a condition, does not automatically create a market. Practice shows that the irrational Hall building, building too much too fast will definitely lead to venues idle and waste of social resources.

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