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Published: 29th March 2011
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Households have 95%, but high and low penetration rate is inconsistent, because cooking is difficult to fully address the consumer demand
    Microwave oven, in the 20th century's greatest invention of the World 100 is the world recognized high,
Environmental protection
Products. This efficient energy saving products, because people bring home healthy and convenient lifestyle by consumers. As a Western-style cooking appliances, household penetration rate in urban China today are also very high.

In China, the microwave has become a luxury for people in the past can be easily consumed daily family, words can not be separated Galanz. Turn of the century period, through a series of Galanz
Price war
To remove the biggest obstacle to universal microwave oven; after, it is with CCTV, Gome and Suning giants such as pushing a total of microwave food culture.

Before they Galanz respectively Gome and Suning teamed up to launch the third section and all-around microwave ovens
Microwave Gourmet
Festival, popular stew, roasted, boiled, steamed cooking features such as master of all-microwave ovens, microwave ovens lead "all age", consumer guide to the community: Microwave cooking is not only simple chattering, it is all-powerful modern family cooking hand. Industry experts assert that, together with several of the Big Push, versatile microwave oven in the kitchen of China to lead a new revolution. Single-function microwave oven hinder development of the industry

According to statistics, microwave in about a billion users worldwide, the domestic rate of urban households have more than 95%. In Europe and the United States, almost every family has a microwave, visible, microwave cooking
Is now the market's mainstream. In China, although microwave ovens have been popular in large cities, but features a single, combined with the traditional Chinese long-term impact of open flame cooking habits, most people only use the microwave oven is primarily used for hot dishes, hot meals and to do early, resulting in microwave oven in the country to a "high prevalence" and "low usage" of the polarization phenomenon.

According to a Paris agency specializing in lifestyle survey, the French women's day for only 36 minutes cooking time, and Chinese housewives every day for "three meals a day" frequently agonizing 12 hours than is actually relatively easy. Industry experts point out, the general function of the relative microwave single, comprehensive solution is difficult to demand of domestic consumers of cooking, while the low utilization rate and a longer service life, directly affects the normal development of microwave needs. "But even worse situation is that individual manufacturers still insist on doing a single function of the product, the wrong message to consumers,"
Galanz microwave oven
Liang Hongsheng, general manager of sales, said, "If microwave oven can not be upgraded or technical innovation, sustainable development of the microwave industry to speak of." Demand for change is being phased out single-function microwave oven

According to industry sources, the majority of
Small appliances
Product penetration is very low, and microwave penetration in the first-tier cities are up to 95%, indicating the practicality of microwave function has been more consumer recognition. Although the microwave oven as the imported goods, with China runs counter to the traditional open fire cooking habits, only played a single function. However, with economic development, accelerate the pace of people's lives, many families do not have much energy left to the kitchen, but cooking for pleasure and sense of achievement is actually a desire for people, so a multi-functional, human, simple microwave has become the urgent needs of urban population.

Particular "fire + smoke" is among the traditional cooking methods, microwave cooking is becoming a new way of life, which is a single functional microwave oven can not do. Moreover, young people are gradually becoming the main force of consumption, they require a higher quality diet, but also save time and plan to save trouble, so more popular all-microwave ovens, microwave ovens and single function are increasingly being marginalized, risk being left behind.

Experts predict, multi-functional, high intelligence will be the eternal microwave industry trends, so dig deep cooking functions, to learn other single-function electric kitchen will be the microwave oven in one direction for future development, with the continuous improvement of scientific and technological content , microwave ovens will gradually become the protagonist of the kitchen.

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